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Ashfield brothel and adult erotic massage | 295 ASHFIELD


Ashfield 295, your best choice of brothel, adult service, massage parlour at Ashfield. Our hot girls will always bring you fresh feeling and the most relaxing time. Also come in to try our premium erotic massage. You will never forget our high standard service.

team member
APPLE Taiwanese

35 years old, 1.60m, size 7, previous massage therapist, she can makes you relaxed deeply and gives you a good erotic massage or other service. Working on Monday to Sunday.

team member
ELLA CHINESE (highly recommended)

Come from Beijing, 30 years old, previous white collar, petite and cute, easy going and nice-sex skilled, you will feel cozy and relaxed when you play with her. Working on Monday to Friday.

team member
AMY CHINESE (highly recommended)

Come from Hubei province of China, gentle and soft as most of Chinese girls who born in South of China, 25 years old, 1.65m tall, slender and neatly made, naive and cute. Nice attitude and nice service. Working on Monday to Sunday.

team member

Chinse girl size 10 34c cup 170height age30. Busty.gentle, soft.Sexy body.

team member
Jessica Taiwanese

Taiwanese girl age 36 size 10 32b cup 162height. Very experienced. Always know what you need. Come to try her and you can't help loving the sex feeling with her.
Mon-Tue: night shift.
Wed-Sun:all day working

team member
Emily Singapore

age 28 Singapore girl size 12 34c cup 165 height. Very big breast.You won't resist her sexy body.

team member

age 33 Chinese girl 36 double e cup 164 height Busty. Come to be spoiled by her breast.

team member

Chinese age 29 size 8 160 height 34 big c cup. Pretty girl. Very gentle and soft. She will make you completely relaxed and relieve your working stress.

team member
Nicole Taiwanese

Taiwan age 30 size 10 34 c cup 164 height.Very hot body and sexy lips that will give you unforgettable sex experience.

team member

New to this industry. age 23 168 height 34 d cup.Very cool girl. Having sex with her will make you feel full of passion.

team member

Chinese, 28yr, C cup. High standard service. Sexy figure.

team member

28 Years old, Korean, 163 cm, nice service and easy going, works on Monday-Sunday.



295 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, New South Wales




02 9716 9888