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Sydney Adult Service - REVIEW | 295 ASHFIELD



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comments ( 25 )

  • Replysulli 14 Nov 2014

    very good

  • Replyashfield295 28 Apr 2015

    Very good service!
    Bbfs very good

    • ReplyJason 3 Nov 2016

      How much extra for bbfs?

    • ReplyGreg 4 Aug 2018

      Is BBFS available?

  • Replycharles 28 May 2015

    do they do anal? what is the price for 1 hour?

  • ReplyMichael 31 Jul 2015

    I haven’t been back to Ashfield 295 for a while but my last encounter a few years back was one of the most intense experiences I have had. I was lucky enough to spend 3 hours with Coco, a shy and beautiful girl who looked around 24, voluptuous, sensual and extremely accommodating. I won’t go into all the details but she really knew how to make someone feel special without rushing or making you feel nervous. The venue is pleasant enough and the staff are firm but friendly (as it should be). It’s easy to think that cheap service = bad service, but every visit I made to 295 was wonderful in its own way (none more so then Coco).

  • ReplyMike 16 Aug 2015

    wish to be replied

  • Replyuminaman 6 Oct 2015

    Does Kitty still work here?

    • ReplyPola Pagal Hai 19 Jul 2016

      They have hundreds of Kittys working there. All girls who work there have almost the same names.

  • Replycharlles manson 3 Jul 2016

    judy they tell me that you are a ,,,,,,,

  • ReplyGeorge 14 Oct 2016

    Do any of the girls offer bb anal? If so how much?

  • ReplyGuille 2 Nov 2016

    I used to go there years ago I met a gorgeous Asian woman called LaLa , ohh man she was a wonderful girl completely Gf experience , I wonder if any Lady there offer that services

  • ReplyJason 3 Nov 2016

    How much extra for bbfs?

  • ReplySa 5 May 2017

    I went to the brothel and had sex with apple. I was drunk and that’s why i went to the brothel for sex and now I am freaking out. I am concerned about my health. I had protected sex and the condom didn’t fail to the best of my knowledge but, I kissed her lips briefly and licked her nipples. Now, I am concerned about my health. any help ? how is the health standard of this brothel ?

    • ReplyMark 18 May 2017

      You are dead now.

  • ReplyRon 5 May 2017

    It’s okay.

  • ReplyJohn 28 May 2017

    OMG, its terrible now a bunch of fat stinky old ladies all over 40, you get what you pay for and this is terrible.

    • ReplyElijah 7 Jul 2017

      I recommend The New Golden Apple in Kings Cross. $220/30min and it’s worth it as fuck!!!

    • ReplyMalcolm 31 Mar 2018

      I like old girls, they are the best as they lots of experience and know what to do. In my experience young girls are just skin and bone and no finesse.

  • ReplyShal 3 Sep 2017

    How many girls in the moning?

  • ReplyTony 16 Apr 2018

    I want special today $50,half hour

  • ReplyTom_Sun 22 Apr 2018

    Does this shop still open? The roster has no update for such a long time.

  • ReplyJay 2 Jul 2018

    Which girls provide bbfs?

  • ReplyNick 23 Aug 2019

    Hi. Just wondering if BBFS is available? Who does it, and how much is it? And also, how much for 2 girls at once?

  • Replyb 30 Mar 2020